Solutions to remove arrest records from the Internet

It happens that a person does something stupid when he is young and gets a criminal record for an ordinary fight, and then it sticks with him all his life – even if he has paid all his debts to society. They won’t point the finger on the street, but they may refuse to hire him in some companies.


All of us can have situations where moments in our personal lives, such as arrests or other legal problems, come into the public eye without our consent. In addition, there are cases where defamatory information online does not correspond to reality and is slanderous. Sometimes unscrupulous competitors, dissatisfied customers, or former business partners act this way.


For example, law enforcement agencies will not accept any criminal record, and in school – if it was a crime against health, family, personal sexual freedom, public safety, and still in some cases. At the same time, it is almost impossible to delete a criminal record legally, and there is no statute of limitations. So it’s easy to understand people willing to pay money to get rid of it.

On what basis is the cost of removal formed?

Reputation professionals are highly paid professionals who tackle risky tasks daily: helping with mugshot removal and avoiding scandal and reputational losses without going to court. Their high qualifications form the basis of the cost of removal services.


For example, handles more than 10,000 requests for blocking each year. Agency specialists hone scripts and negotiation scenarios on each order with tech support. They form connections and acquaintances in this environment, understanding the psychology of negotiations with the administrators of different sites.


Each case is different. Prices may vary in one direction or another depending on the volume, work complexity, and document availability. But the list of our possibilities is almost limitless, so please get in touch with us – and we will help you solve your problem once and for all. 

Basic Services

  • Remove from the Internet any unwanted information.

  • Remove “unwanted” material from search engines forever.

  • Protect your intellectual property on the Internet and block offending sites.

  • Remove mugshot from the Internet.

  • We can remove information from registries and other sources. We break the link between the “necessary” person and the “unnecessary” organization.

  • Delete or block social media accounts/communities/channels.

Take back control of your reputation

We offer a reasonable way to solve the problem – comprehensive and safe. We will clean your reputation within the law confidentially and with a lifetime guarantee.


Our goal is to solve our client’s problem. We are paid for the result, not for abstract person-hours. If we fail to do so, we will give you your money back.


We use legal methods. We work within the law – no threats or break-ins. We guarantee anonymity and reputational security to our clients.

We calculate every step. We offer several information deletion scenarios. Finally, the client decides on what system to follow.

Deindexing. Sometimes it is easier to hide negativity from the target audience. For example, expel unwanted links from search results. A Negative will not harm if no one reads it.

Conclusions: why Mugshot Removal? 

Our work is your peace of mind for your reputation. Turning to the agency Mugshot Removal, you can be sure that the negative will be removed within the designated time frame without publicity.


Regardless of who uses such methods, agency specialists will help you eliminate the trouble and remove all the harmful material from the Internet. We act without a trace and close all projects without unnecessary publicity. We can help with any material. The list of our possibilities is almost unlimited. If you have yet to find what you are looking for in the list, write to us, and we will do the job individually.