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Authenticity is everything!

Do you worry that your writing is not as authentic as it should be when writing about situations that law enforcement, fire and military officers confront in real life? Does it frustrate you that spend so much time working out how to publish your book when your time would be better spent actually writing your book?

An author’s credibility is important. That’s why SilverHart specializes in giving you the tools to write with confidence and accuracy about everything from police procedure, arson investigation, poison, autopsies, and much, much more. Let your readers get lost in the story instead of shaking their heads over common mistakes found in television shows and other books. Give them the best book you possibly can!

Breaking through the Thin Blue Line is never easy. Writers search far and wide for cops and other public safety experts to answer their questions. And when that fails, they turn to Google for help. But answers can vary and are often inaccurate, and it’s not the same as talking one-on-one with an expert in the field. There’s no need to waste countless hours on research you can’t rely on.


These are common problems that all authors face. Until now, there was no one-stop shop to learn from law enforcement, fire and military professionals how to write about the real life situations and fears they experience. Also, there wasn’t that same one-stop shop model to teach you how to publish your book that gave you the best chance for success.

SilverHart has created a comprehensive website that has everything you need. Have a question and can’t find the answer in our extensive video library? Ask one of our subject matter experts. At SilverHart we want you to succeed and save you time so you can do what you’re passionate about—writing.

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Why should you listen to us?

My name is Liliana Hart, and I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. With every book I’ve written I’ve spent hours researching and learning about my craft. It’s more than how to put words and a story on the page. I’ve spent more than ten years researching cops and those who serve in other public safety careers.

I want my characters to be authentic—to talk how cops talk, to struggle with personal demons those in the line of fire struggle with, to have relationships and family like those who live a different life than the rest of us live. And I want my crime scenes and autopsies and even the crime my killer commits to be without error. I owe that to my readers.

My husband, Scott, spent the last 25 years in law enforcement, including 16 years in SWAT and 12 years undercover. He bought dope, banged down doors and busted bad guys. He has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology, writing his dissertation on cop culture, and he spent his last five years in law enforcement as Chief of Police. He’s the real deal, and after a quarter century in law enforcement he knows some of the best in the business and now they’re available to you at SilverHart.


But what if we told you there’s a place where you can do just that?
Well that's why we’ve put together this site for you. We want to take all the guesswork out of the mix so you can focus on writing the best book possible while giving you the best chance to succeed.

Full Course Contents

We’ve put together writing and publishing tools to help you achieve just that. Through this site you’ll access:

1. 24-hour access to our Cop Corner Video Library which means you learn exactly how law enforcement, fire and military officers react to dangerous live-action situation so you can write in their authentic voice.

2. Immediate contact with public safety subject matter experts like police officers, toxicologist and front line soldiers to name but a few. You’ll have direct contact with each of them to ask the questions your research requires to take your readers to the heart of the action.

The key publishing tools include:

1. 24-hour access to our Writers’ Nook Video Library. You learn all the tips and tricks I used to become a number 1 New York Times and USA Today best selling author. This allows you to spend more time writing and less time worrying about getting your book published and making sales.

2. Immediate contact with best selling industry professionals. You get to ask the pertinent questions and learn from them so you can become a best selling author in the shortest time possible.

Invest In Your Characters

Here's a break-down of just some of the hundreds of characters and scenarios our experts can help you with.

  • The reality of how hundreds of different law enforcement, fire and military character act & behave as well as the details of their jobs or assignments.
  • Deeper layers affecting the characters, their backstories and how these make the characters into the people they are today.
  • What makes the characters tick - if you know nothing about what it takes to be a cop or what they do, then your character development stops at a one dimensional illustration of nothing interesting.
  • Have you ever walked through a smoldering building? Would you know what to do if there was a body in the ashes? How do you determine whether it was foul play? Our Fire Officer Experts can walk you through the process of arson investigations.
  • Have you ever gone into combat? Would you know what to do in a gun battle? How do you know your training will sustain your survival? Our Military Experts can walk you through the process of basic training, Special Forces training and actual military combat experiences.
  • Have you ever gone on police patrol on a snow mobile? Would you know what to do if there was a manhunt through the deep snow? How do you determine the best moves to stay safe and apprehend the criminal? Our Police Experts can walk you through the process of operating in adverse environments, and give insight to serving as a female officer in Canada.
  • Have you ever deployed a police K9? Would you know what to do once the K9 left the leash and latched onto a perp? How do you determine whether it is the right situation to deploy your K9 partner? Our K9 Experts can walk you through the process of training and working with a police K9.
  • Have you ever walked through a crime scene in real life? Do you know what the number 1 problem a detective faces in a crime scene? If you didn't know that then can you really write authentically about such a situation? Our Crime Scene Experts can walk you through exactly how they process a crime scene to ensure no stone is left unturned.

But that's not all!

But really that's just the tip of the iceberg. SilverHart also offers:

Networking with other authors, special collaboration on publishing opportunities, special video series about topics you request, publishing contests, social media promotions, deep discounts on one-day workshops where you become the detective and an environment open to securing you the resources to write it like you lived it.

Learn from those with front line experience.

Learn from those with front line experience.

Hey there,

I just wanted to let you know that Bryan (Bryan Fontenot - Arson Investigator) and I chatted tonight and he was awesome!! He helped me so much.

I’m really grateful for your wonderful service and for professionals like Bryan who are willing to give of their own time to help. I told Bryan how much I appreciated him and I wanted to do the same to you. Thanks so much for helping me write a better book!

Sam Cheever
Sam Cheever Sam Cheever


I attended both the 'lunch' and 'dinner' sneak peeks of SilverHart's website. It was amazing! The amount of information Lilianna and Scott have compiled is enough to make any author drool.

From publisher and marketing tips to accurate descriptions of police procedure and so much more, this site really does have something for everyone. Check it out and see for yourself.

Author Kristine Raymond
Author Kristine Raymond Author Kristine Raymond

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