A New American Hero: Joe Boxer Thrillers

America is under attack. Politics as usual has finally opened the door for the most lethal terror threat ever known. The nation needs a new hero to combat WAR - World Apocalyptic Revolution. Former US Army Green Beret Joe Boxer is pressed into action as a DEA's FAST unit operative. Join his fight against the evils of narco-terrorism as he makes America safe again.

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In This Series....

  • FAST (Book 1)


    “A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Former United States Army Green Beret, Joe Boxer, is part of a little known specialized tactical unit inside the DEA. He not only lost his leg in Middle Eastern combat, but also his partner at the hands of a corrupt puppet regime placed in power by soiled American interests. Boxer is now forced to lead the battle against domestic terrorism in a war he never imagined fighting on U.S. soil.

    This blue-collar veteran struggles with an amputee’s challenge, but doesn’t succumb to it as he battles his way onto DEA’s elite FAST Team 5. Boxer’s challenges with PTSD and addiction are only half the struggle as his country is under attack, and he comes to realize he’s still very much the man he was prior to the roadside bomb that claimed his leg. But the fight isn’t easy. He’s up against the worst type of enemies—his own self-doubt, American politics, and a global radicalized ideology.

  • Rapid Fire (Book 2)


    “While seeking revenge, dig two graves – one for yourself.” Douglas Horton

    Maybe revenge is not a dish best served cold. Despite his prosthesis, former United States Army Green Beret, Sergeant Joe Boxer has proven he belongs on DEA’s elite FAST unit. Now he’s headed into the fiery lands of the Middle East to hunt the terrorist responsible for his best friend’s murder.

    Politics in the sandbox have changed drastically since Joe served as a military special forces sergeant in Afghanistan, but his mission remains the same. He’s rejoining his FAST Team 5 to stop the terrorist threat against America’s heartland.

    Boxer’s sights are also set on revenge for Tommy Price. Boxer won’t sacrifice the team’s mission, but he won’t miss a chance to kill The Butcher either. It’s an all out race to destroy the threat to America, but the head of World Apocalyptic Revolution won’t be so easily defeated. The Butcher’s WAR also isn’t above relying on its allies back in the States to stop Boxer.

  • End Of Watch (Book 3)


    “Loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it.” Mark Twain

    Joe Boxer only knows loyalty to his country. His sacrifices while serving as a sergeant in the United States Army Green Berets, and now his assignment as a federal counter narco-terrorism agent with the DEA, have left him in a struggle to remain loyal to his government.

    He’s being played on all sides, but his loyalty to some is threatening his ability to see the big picture. He’s back in the United States, but risk is greater now than when he was deployed. Boxer will have to rely on a small circle of patriots and his own skills to defeat the global terror group, WAR.

    In times of greatest crisis, it’s not the uniform of the warrior, but the soul of the citizen who answers the call. Boxer’s desperate task force of federal agents, Navy SEALs, and Savage Souls renegade bikers may not meet the bureaucratic ideal, but it sure as heck won’t surrender to the terrorists or politicians.

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"I could not turn the pages fast enough. I'm hooked. Now back to Amazon to purchase more! I can't wait."

"Once I started, I had to know how it finished! Evocative dialogue and description, good pace, gritty, interesting characters. Would definitely read more!"

"...drew this reviewer in from the beginning with its grisly murder scene. By having each main character narrate his/her own part in the plot,... creates well-developed and multifaceted characters and an interwoven storyline that has a shocking and unforeseen ending. Great job, Scott--looking forward to the next one!"

"As crime writer myself, I am always looking for genuine law enforcement perspective . But most writers just talk to cops. they haven't lived it You will get that with Scott's work. Law enforcement is in no way pretty and not at all does it resemble the glamour of television. Scott is the real deal.

Read him and you will begin to gain that insight - plus a vividly described trip into the Louisiana bayous.

As a writer in any any genre, one also have to respect the risk he takes in giving multiple viewpoints. Its a tough thing to do and keep the reader engaged in the storyline. Once again, a win for Scott."

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